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How to Clean Your Glass Pipes via Yew Yew

3 Solo Pipes by Yew Yew: teal, purple + pink

As much as we love a beautiful pipe, there's nothing worse than smoking from a dirty, grimy piece. And out of all the things that I love about the ritual of smoking, keeping my pipes clean is not one of them. 

In my early days of adult-consumption, I would boil my glass pieces in a pot of water, stinking up my house and getting that sticky build up all over my cookware. Prior to that, I never cleaned anything lol. What 16 year old is cleaning their pipes?

It was actually Yew Yew who taught me the easiest way to clean your pipes and bowls, with only 2 ingredients that you might even have at home: isopropyl alcohol + coarse sea salt.   

Check out their Instagram Story Highlight called Cleaning for all her tips + tricks at!