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TOAST is a woman-owned smoke shop stocked with everything you need to take your smoke sess to the next level.

We offer a collection of aesthetically pleasing smokeware and smoking accessories for people who appreciate beautiful things. Gone are the days of hiding away the pipe you bought when you were 16. Our products are meant to be celebrated and cherished, squashing any stigma around our favorite plant. 

We are a proud members of the Floret Coalitionan anti-racist collective of small businesses in the canna and canna-adjacent space supporting and funding equity-oriented actions via monthly donations and social campaigns. Together, we will raise funds and awareness for organizations prioritizing the needs of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. More information about this month's organization to come.

TOAST lives on the internet but is based out of Philadelphia, PA.

All photos on this website were taken by Gab Bonghi | instagram