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What is a Tamping Stick?

Red flower tamping stick

As an adolescent, I always remember someone using a BIC pen cap. They'd roll the joint, pull out a pen cap (Idk from where?) and tamp it down with the narrow part you'd use to clip a pen to your shirt. 

The purpose/thought process is pretty simple. Lighting packing a joint or bowl condenses the flower for a more even burn. For a bowl, it also gives you control over the burn, and can prevent ash from flying up in your face on a windy day. 

So let's upgrade that pen cap, shall we? As simple as it is, one of my personally most-used products is my FLOWER TAMPING STICK by Edie Parker Flower. I have the red one, but they come in 5 different colors. They're 100% acrylic and handmade in Italy. I love this thing. The perfect size + shape, great colors, and I love the feel/weight of it in your hand. Plus, the flower on the end doubles as a little roach clip/holder. How cute is that?

Tamping can take a little practice. We want to tamp lightly so air can still get through and not cause canoeing but enough to actually make a difference. I wouldn't call it an exact science, but luckily, practicing is pretty fun :) Happy tamping.